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Trekking and travelling in Tajikistan


Welcome to Paramount Journey

Paramount Journey brings the most exotic and usually out-of-reach possibilities well within your grasp. Our mission is to make adventure not only secure but comfortable, and to transport you to majestic places scarcely seen by foreign travellers for centuries.

Tajikistan lies in the Pamirs – the Roof of the World – and enveloped within these mighty peaks are an almost infinite number of opportunities waiting for you to explore. However you want to travel within this spectacular country, and whatever you want to experience, from the breathtaking landscapes of the Fann and Zarafshan Mountains in the northwest, to the diverse and uniquely cultured people of the Murghab Plateau, the endangered fauna in the remotes corners of Bartang and Wakhan Valleys, to thrilling white water rafting and climbing opportunities, Paramount Journeys has the skills, knowledge and passion to help you build irreplaceable memories that nowhere else on earth can provide.

Every adventure, every explorative step, is deeply personal: it is the individual who must venture out into this truly unique environment, be amazed, and learn. Stepping into the footsteps of Marco Polo, and gazing upon the wonder that is Tajikistan, is a rare privilege indeed, as very seldom do travellers venture into this region. Even fewer of these visitors have the advantage of creating and sharing their experience with experts, who can impart their decades of experience, as well as their personal perspectives and knowledge.

Paramount Journeys has learned from leading international companies how to create and run extraordinary adventures reaching out into incredible locations that would otherwise be inaccessible and unexplored. If your aim is to get beyond the standard Tajikistan tourist trail and to discover for yourself the most remarkable aspects of our high-altitude heaven, let Paramount Journey guide you on your way. We not only exhibit the pristine nature of Tajikistan in its numerous unique environments, but also introduce you to the culture and ways of life of the extraordinary and hospitable communities who have battled against, yet also worked in harmony with, that same nature to survive and thrive in Tajikistan for millennia. Every adventure we plan is pioneering and bold, accessible to those with determination and a passion for discovery.

We believe that the impact of your journey of a lifetime should last well beyond the end of your trip. The memories you create, and the way it changes your outlook, will stay with you, and your adventure should also create a positive outcome for those you encounter along the way. Paramount Journey uses eco-friendly equipment and invests local communities to raise the standard of living.

Jeep Adventure

Jeep tour in Pamir High way

Tajikistan is a country that could have been made for off-road driving. Though the main transport arteries are reasonable, getting beyond the larger cities requires determination, advanced driving skills, and nerves of steel. The extraordinary vistas and the incredible experiences that await you beyond the roads and tracks more than compensate for any discomfort Learn more…


Trekking in Fann mountains

If you visit the Fann mountains once, you will look back and say “I wish I had stayed longer.”   This enormous mountain range, which sweeps across the northwestern part of Tajikistan, combines picture postcard scenes of snowy peaks, roaring rivers fed by the meltwater, turquoise blue lakes, and pockets of jade green farmland, irrigated with river water Learn more…


Expedition in Zarafshan valley, Tajikistan

Our expeditions take place in areas where time has stood still, far beyond the reaches of development and the well-trodden tourist trail. Every part of Tajikistan has its individual character, from pristine alpine lakes and thundering rivers, to lush green valleys and empty high-altitude desert plains. Often you will see several of these unique ecosystems within a single day  Learn more…

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