Snowing in fan mountians, mutniy lake area

The time I turned my back on the Fann Mountains…Twice

“I call them wild mountains,” announced Vadim, our mountain guide who served as special forces in the Russian military with subtle pride. Our group of 6 nodded, distracted from taking photos of the mountains. That statement was stuck in my head the entire seven days of trekking the Fa
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Are you an adrenalin junkie? Check out Tajikistan!

Tajikistan is an adventure-seeker’s dream, a wild country of mountains, glaciers, and rivers where you can be hours away from the nearest person. Snowfall makes much of the country inaccessible in winter, but when it melts it’s the ideal destination for a multi-activity holiday. Feel
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Tourists in Mutnoe Lake with Guide

Fann Mountains – the highlight of our trip

In September 2016, we visited Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. We were lucky enough to get into contact with Alovaddin for our time in Tajikistan. While planning our trip, Alovaddin was extremely helpful. We decided to book a 5 day tour in the Fann Mountains and we can honestly say it was t
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Buddha Stupa in Vrang Village, Wakhan Valley, Pamir

Historic Sites of the Pamir

Crossing the Pamirs has always been a physical challenge due to the geography, but in the Golden Age of the Silk Road, pilgrims, merchants, armies, and curious travellers made their way in significant numbers across the passes and plateaus of the Pamirs. In their wake they left a mate
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Top Tajik Dishes

Top 8 dishes you must try in Tajikistan

Tasting the culinary specialties of Tajikistan is a highlight of any visit to the country. Not only are delicious fresh ingredients produced locally, but the location on the Silk Road meant that for centuries the cosmopolitan national cuisine has been shaped by influences from China,
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fanns Mountains, bibijanat lake, Chimtarga peak

Trip Experience in Yagnob Valley and Fann mountains

This summer, we planned a tour in Central Asia, amongst others to Tajikistan. With Paramount Journey, we found an excellent partner for that intention! Already weeks before our trip started, we planned everything in advance, having close e-mail contact with our contact person Alovaddi
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Shugnani Girl, pamiri Girl, aryan red head portrait

The Pamiris: People on the Roof of the World

The majestic Pamir Mountains of Gorno Badakhshan in eastern Tajikistan lend their name to a fascinating ethnic group who lives there: the Pamiris. Culturally and linguistically tied with the Wakhi people in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor and Pakistan’s Upper Hunza Valley, and the Sarik
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Potato field, Dehisor village, Upper Zarafshan aka Gornaya macha

Expedition to the Upper Zarafshan Valley

The spectacular Zarafshan Mountain Range stretches 370 km through Uzbekistan and northwest Tajikistan, a dramatic, high altitude desert landscape crisscrossed by three rivers, the Fan Darya, Kashtutu Darya, and Maghian Darya. Those peaks east of the Fan Darya, and bordered to the nort
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Fann mountains, trekking, hiking, Tours, Climbing, mountaineering, alpinism, Tajikistan

Beautiful and Mythical: Fann Mountains

Whistling marmots, rare butterfly species and fresh mint plants along the footpath: The Fann Mountains could not be more pristine. The mighty mountains are best explored on foot. Never before in my life have I seen the Milky Way as sharp and unobscured as we saw it during that night i
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Tourist feedback trekking in Fann mountains

Challenge Accepted

Maybe it’s hard to believe but I was never trekking in the mountains, without even mentioning such advanced mountains as there are in Tajikistan. However, the idea of trying this type of adventure and challenging myself didn’t let me alone. So I had an opportunity to go to Tajikistan
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