Challenge Accepted

Maybe it’s hard to believe but I was never trekking in the mountains, without even mentioning such advanced mountains as there are in Tajikistan. However, the idea of trying this type of adventure and challenging myself didn’t let me alone. So I had an opportunity to go to Tajikistan and of course I couldn’t miss a chance to explore the surroundings.

I was lucky to arrive in June, when a lot of fruits are already in their best, so whenever I could I was eating cherries, apricots and melons. But not everything was amazing about Tajikistan. I am person, for whom the best climate is Swedish (pretty cool in summer and cold in winter), so you can imagine how much I was struggling with adapting to +40C. However, I managed to find the way out. My escape was the mountains, where an average temperature during day time was +15-20C.

I was lucky enough to contact Paramount Journey too. They made my experience a success as it turned out at the end. What I really appreciated was that they ideally adjusted the trip to my level, so I didn’t discourage myself but still challenging enough. Electronic map with GPS navigation that they designed for us was extremely useful for preparation. It is a must in the mountains, especially for novice like me. I felt much more confident and all my thinking was directed on enjoying the indigenous nature and not worrying if I am following the right way.

I also got the tips that are not necessary for survival, but that made the journey more pleasant. One of them was the contact with the local shepherds and the approach needed to them.


There were many other tips given to us that were extremely helpful. What I really liked was the personal approach and extreme engagement in our trip. Tips where and when to make the best photos or where the best place is to put a tent, one will definitely not get in a standard tourist agency.

People who work in Paramount Journey are truly passionate about what they do!

Text by Aleksandra
(Energy and Sustainability Analyst, Poland)
Specially for Paramount Journey

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