High Altitude Trekking in Tajikistan


Tajikistan caters for trekkers of all levels of ability, some of whom want a serious challenge. Rather than repeating well-worn routes, we lead the fittest and most determined trekkers up peaks over 6,000m, giving an incredible high-altitude experience without the need for specialist climbing skills.. Each of our high-altitude treks is led by a professional alpinist and begins with an acclimatisation period in lower altitude mountains, and thorough training sessions on how to use safety equipment. Donkeys and porters will carry your baggage, leaving you free to enjoy the journey, but you will still have to be physically fit in order to make it to the top.

The target of this trek is the top of Mount Mayakovskiy (6,096m) in the south-western corner of the Tajik province of Gorno-Badakhshan. First climbed by Soviet mountaineers in the late 1940s, the peak is the highest point of the Ishkashim Range but it is not a technically difficult climb. Including time to acclimatise at each of the base camps, we take a minimum of 10 days to complete this climb, sleeping each night under canvas in one of the world’s last great and unspoilt wildernesses.

The trekking programme includes:

  • Jeep tour programme
  • Acclimatisation trek in 4,000m mountains
  • Trek and climb to peak Mayakovsky (6,095m)


Mayakovsky peak Konstantin DikovskyMayakovsky peak, © Konstantin Dikovsky