Trekking over bridge in Hissar Valley, Tajikistan


It’s not only in Jurassic Park that you can get up close and personal with a dinosaur! On Paramount Journey’s short trek in the Shirkent National Park which is located in Hissar valley you will be able to see and touch the footprints of dinosaurs, preserved for eternity in the rock.

If you are visiting Dushanbe on business and have only a little time available, this is the trip for you. Paramount Journey will transport you a world away from the city, providing a light trekking programme just an hour away. These weekend trips, designed to appeal to expats as well as to short-term visitors, involve an excursion to the Shirkent National Park just an hour outside the capital and give participants the chance not only to explore wonderful sites but also to hang out with other travellers.


  • Spectacular landscapes that you won’t see in other part of Tajikistan;
  • Geological objects including three sites of dinosaur footprints from various eras, in total containing more than 400 footprints;
  • Opportunity to interact with a lively group of people, all interested in exploring the great outdoors.

This short trek is suitable for anyone with a moderate degree of fitness as no steep climbs or scrambles are involved. You will need to wear suitable footwear (trainers or walking boots are fine) and allocated a full day for the trip. Sunscreen and a hat are recommended.

The park includes eight different ecosystems, each with their own kinds of flora and fauna, so there is a huge variety of wildlife within a relatively contained space. Natural irrigation comes in the form of the Shirkent River, as well as more than 30 smaller watercourses, and along their banks you will see broad-leaf and juniper forests, meadows and alpine grasslands. 95 species of birds have been spotted in the park at different times of year, including golden eagles, and griffon and bearded vultures, and the larger mammals are well-represented too: there are wolves and brown bears.