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If you visit the Fann mountains once, you will look back and say “I wish I had stayed longer.”   This enormous mountain range, which sweeps across the northwestern part of Tajikistan, combines picture postcard scenes of snowy peaks, roaring rivers fed by the meltwater, turquoise blue lakes, and pockets of jade green farmland, irrigated with river water. Situated on the Silk Road and a vital battleground in antiquity, including for Alexander the Great.

Our treks diverge across the mountains, with several of the most popular routes in Fann mountains leading to Kuli Kalon, the Alauddin and Mutnoe Lakes, and Big Alo. The passes may be steep, and the mid-day sun searing, but each bend in the path brings with it another extraordinary vista of the likes of Chimtarga (5,489m) and Bodkhona (5,183m), and perhaps an encounter with shepherds and their flocks, and the opportunity to share a cup of tea with shepherds. Our expert trekking guides have years of experience exploring these mountains, and many of them started trekking here when they were kid, so their personal touch will enrich your experience, ensuring it is safe, informative and fun.

The mountains here are infused with myth and legend, and nowhere is this more true than Iskanderkul, the start or end point for many of the most popular treks. Tajik for Alexander’s Lake, this pristine alpine lake almost glows, such is the vividness of its turquoise colour, and it stands in wonderful contrast to the dusty brown slopes that surround it.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who is looking for a short trekking trip in Fann mountains. Paramount Journey propose daily hikes  around Iskanderkul lake and Saratog village.

Day 1

Arrival in Iskanderkul from Dushanbe/Khujand and visit of the highlights of the area: Iskanderkul Lake (2,195m), waterfall (height 35m), Snake Lake. Accommodation in the soviet camp house.

Day 2

Our diver drops you close to the Alexander’s hat (3,342m, 4hs). Other part of the trip continues with hiking,lunch near the geological station. On the way back, visit of the spring Balak Balak (boiling water). The rest of the trip will be by car up to Saratog village where you can take sauna at homestay.

Day 3

A day hike (+ 4 hours) around ancient Saratog village towards Dukdon pass. The scene of surrounding of Saratog is one of beautiful alpine vistas where you can meet eagles and marmots. Overnight at the Saratog homestay.

Day 4

Departure to Dushanbe/Khujand.

This trekking is designed for those who have limited time for trekking. This trekking can be started either from Artuch or from Alauddin lakes. This is a well-worn route in Fann mountains that cover visiting most of the  turquoise blue lakes of the region. This trek does not require a special physical preparation. The highest point of our trekking program: 3860m.

Day 1

Welcome to Tajikistan! On arrival at Dushanbe airport, you will be met by your guide and transferred to the hotel. For the rest of the day you can rest or explore Dushanbe.

Day 2

After the breakfast at the hotel, we depart from Dushanbe/Khujand and drive towards Artuch Alp camp (2200m). You can do a short trek to Chukurak lake which is located 2 hours from the base camp, if you feel you have enough power. Accommodation in Artuch camp, a comfortable base where you can take a sauna and enjoy night.

Day 3

After a breakfast in Artuch Alp camp we load our luggage to donkeys and start one of the active part of a trekking program. Ascend to Kulikalon lake takes about 6 hours. Camping on the shore of Bibijanat lake. Trekking distance 7km. Altitude difference: +695m

Day 4

In the morning, we start ascend to Alauddin pass (3860 m, 10 km, ~6 hrs, +960) to Alauddin Lakes. The beautiful panorama of the surrounding peaks and lakes will be seen from the top of pass. Dinner at the tea house Camping on the shore of the Alauddin lake (2770m).

Day 5

After breakfast in the teahouse in Alaudin lake and visiting shrine Alauddin, we make a long day-hike up to Mutinye (Muddy) Lake and back. On the way, we enjoy the view to the peaks and small but very beautiful lake – Piala where we stop for the lunch. Accommodation at Alp camp Vertical where you can enjoy soft bed and hot shower.

Day 6

Departure day. Early morning the way back to Dushanbe/Khujand, after 6 hours ride and you are at your hotel.

This trekking trip include all highlights of Fann mountains designed for trekkers of all levels of ability, some of whom want a serious challenge. The most challenging and fascinating targets are Chimtarga mountains pass (4750m), giving an incredible high-altitude experience without the need for specialist climbing skills and Big Alo lakes visit which is in our opinion considered as one of the most beautiful lake in Fann mountains. Each of our high-altitude treks is led by a professional alpinist and begins with an acclimatisation period in lower altitude mountains, and thorough training sessions on how to use safety equipment. Donkeys and porters will carry your baggage, leaving you free to enjoy the journey, but you will still have to be physically fit in order to make it to the top.

Trekking in Fann Mountains

Day 1

On arrival at Dushanbe airport, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. For the rest of the day you can rest or explore Dushanbe. Altitude:  900m

Day 2

We drive to the start point of the trek – Artuch alpine camp. 6-7 hours drive through Anzob pass, 270 km. Lunch in Sarvoda, dinner and accommodation at Artuch alpine camp cottage. Altitude: 2160m

Day 3

The donkeys arrive in the morning to carry the luggage. After having a breakfast and short instruction by the mountain guide, we start 3-4 hours trekking. Overnight in Kulikalon area in the 2 persons tent. Altitude: 2800m

Day 4

Today we are acclimatizing to the high altitude and walk around the area. Explore every lake and maybe swim in some of them. Overnight near Bibijanat lake. Lunch in the tea house. Altitude: 2880m

Day 5

In the morning, we start ascend to Alaudin pass (3860 m, 10 km, ~6 hrs, +960 m). The beautiful panorama of the surrounding peaks and lakes will be seen from the top of pass. Descend to a campsite by the Alaudin lakes. Dinner at local tea house. Altitude: 2770m

Day 6

After breakfast in the teahouse in Alaudin lake and visiting shrine Alauddin, we slowly start ascend to the Mutnoe lake (3520m) which takes about 4 hours. On the way, we enjoy the view to the peaks and small but very beautiful lake – Piala where we stop for the lunch. Porter with donkeys unload our luggage in Mutnoe Lake.

Day 7

The most challenging day starts early in the morning. We start moving toward Chitarga pass (4750m). The path goes along glacier. We set our camp before the top of the pass, on the altitude 4560 m.

Day 8

After the breakfast we cross over the 4750 m high Chimtarga pass, which lies between the peaks Energia (5120 m) and Chimtarga (5489m). On the top of the pass, we can see the highest summits in Fann mountains such as Energia, 5120m, Zamok, 5150m, Chimtarga, 5489m. After the lunch we descend towards Big Alo, perhaps the most beautiful lake in Fann mountains. The camp sets up on the lake’s shore. Altitude: 3200m.

Day 9

We continue descend along the Amshut river passing by small Alo lake (2340m). Overnight in Archmaydan river valley. Altitude: 1780m

Day 10

Early the morning we  meet our driver and move to Dushanbe (approx. 7 hours).

Trip Date & Price

Season of the Trip
Late June – September

Easy Trekking Trip
on request

Moderate Trekking Trip
on request

Advanced Trekking Trip
on request

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  • Mountain guide
  • Donkey handlers with donkeys
  • Cook
  • All transport
  • All specialist and safety equipment
  • Accommodation noted in itinerary (incl. camping gears)
  • All meals noted in itinerary (breakfast, lunch dinners, snacks)
  • All permits and taxes
  • Airport pick up/drop off



  • Accommodation in Dushanbe/Khujand
  • All meals in Dushanbe/Khujand
  • Porter
  • International Flights
  • Visa fee
  • Personal kit and equipment
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Travel Insurance
  • International Phone calls
  • Gratuities to porters, guides and drivers

Suggested Items

• Backpack (+50L)
• sleeping bag
• trekking sticks
• trekking shoes
• warm and windproof clothes
• rain jacket and pants
• stock of clothes
• Hat/cap
• sunglasses
• sunscreen
• flashlight
• personal care products
• other personal items

Food and Drinks

A typical Tajikistan meal is a sumptuous affair with appetizers and soups, exquisite preparations of meat and specially cooked rice. Many indigenous soups are also prepared in Tajikistan. Tea is the most common drink among the inhabitants of Tajikistan, although many restaurants also serve wine, beer and vodka.

A large group will be accompanied by a cook while trekking who will prepare freshly cooked, high-energy food with a blend of Tajik and Western flavours.

Cultural and Social etiquette

  • Men typically salute each other with handshakes and women typically salute women with hugs. With opposite sex the greeting is made only by putting the right hand on the heart.
  • In the countryside, people wear in traditional clothes. We do not recommend not to bring, shorts, tank tops/singlets and any types of clothes with bare shoulders, above the knee and backs
  • Make sure that you ask permission for visiting mosques and shrines from locals if the guide is not near
  • Ask permission to take photo of someone. Usually, people do not mind if you take the photo of them, but respect their wishes if they refuse. Offer to send hard copy them, Paramount Journey will assist you to keep your promise.
  • Bargaining is expected in the bazaars but not in places like department stores.