White water rafting opportunites in Tajikistan


Almost every part of Tajikistan is criss-crossed with glacier-fed rivers, including the Panj, Zarafshan and Vaksh. Although the water sports industry in Tajikistan is as yet under-developed, there are exciting opportunities for rafting Class IV to Class VI rivers in the Pamirs and Pamir-Alay, riding the Class V rapids on the Yagnob, Fan, Gunt and Yazgulem Rivers. Many of the rivers have never been rafted or kayaked along their entire lengths, so there are plenty of opportunities for firsts, and in the late summer when the water levels are a little lower, there are also rivers and lakes suitable for beginners to enjoy.

Currently, Paramount Journey does not have its own rafts and kayaks, but we can assist you with the logistics if you want to bring your own, and we can also hire them on your behalf from our partners in Ukraine. We can provide experienced professional guides who will keep you safe whilst giving you a thrilling ride, and Our team is always here to assist in organising any kayaking or whitewater rafting trip.