Buddha Stupa in Vrang Village, Wakhan Valley, Pamir

Historic Sites of the Pamir

Crossing the Pamirs has always been a physical challenge due to the geography, but in the Golden Age of the Silk Road, pilgrims, merchants, armies, and curious travellers made their way in significant numbers across the passes and plateaus of the Pamirs. In their wake they left a mate
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Shugnani Girl, pamiri Girl, aryan red head portrait

The Pamiris: People on the Roof of the World

The majestic Pamir Mountains of Gorno Badakhshan in eastern Tajikistan lend their name to a fascinating ethnic group who lives there: the Pamiris. Culturally and linguistically tied with the Wakhi people in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor and Pakistan’s Upper Hunza Valley, and the Sarik
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