Trip Experience in Yagnob Valley and Fann mountains

This summer, we planned a tour in Central Asia, amongst others to Tajikistan. With Paramount Journey, we found an excellent partner for that intention! Already weeks before our trip started, we planned everything in advance, having close e-mail contact with our contact person Alovaddin. Receiving answers to our questions rapidly and giving helpful recommendations and tips, we could easily prepare and organize everything in advance. After having finished that planning process, we received a detailed list with the costs to expect so that we could already pay before the trip started and did not have to bring and change money there. (Which can sometimes turn out to be a challenge!) Arriving in Tajikistan, we were picked up and welcomed at the border and started our tour through the fan mountains with our friendly driver and his jeep. Also a hiking guide accompanied us during the first days in the mountains. This is also highly recommendable because he knew the shepherd living in the area and could translate everything respectively the shepherd then could help us if we were in need of anything. We saw a beautiful landscape with high, snow- covered mountains and clear lakes.

fanns, kulikalon, bibijanat lake

Back in Khujand, we finally met Alovaddin in person who was very nice and welcoming. He showed us around and even organized (german speaking!) guides for a sightseeing tour in the city. For dinner, we went out to restaurants that we -being tourists- would never have found, enjoying the best local food. Being accommodated in a comfortable hotel, we could recover after sleeping in tents while hiking through the mountains. All in all, we can highly recommend to everyone to travel with Paramount Journey! Already the planning process was organized very precisely and professional, we received pros and cons concerning our ideas and were pointed out spots to visit. Even when we were on our tour, we were in contact with Alovaddin and his flexible planning made it possible for us to change the plans during the trip itself. We are convinced that future travelers will be delighted! If you ever want to go to Tajikistan and visit that beautiful country, let them show you the best spots!

Janis, Florian, Julia, Ann-Katherine

Students and Fellows from Germany


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