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Central Asia is one of the most diverse and exciting travel destinations in the world, and finally gaining recognition. This region was at the heart of the ancient Silk Road and the Great Game, and an integral part of the Soviet Union, but each of the independent republics now has its own modern identity. Whether you choose to visit a single ‘stan, or take advantage of Paramount Journey’s regional expertise to join a multi-country tour, you’re guaranteed to be enthralled by the stunning natural landscapes, rich culture and history, and the warm local hospitality.

Unlike foreign tour companies which have only recently “discovered” Central Asia, Paramount Journey was born in the mountains of Tajikistan. Our founder, partners, expedition leaders, and guides are all native to the region, so when they share with you their passion, insight, and recommendations, you’ll be seeing each destination through local eyes. Your travel experience with Paramount Journey is completely authentic.

If this is your first trip to Central Asia and you want to taste a little of everything the region has to offer, our Central Asian Circuit encompasses the best of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Wilderness lovers should check out The Wild Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan and Tajikistan , or the more active Mountains and Nomads in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. There’s plenty for culture vultures, too: Ancient Central Asia explores the history and archaeology of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan before the arrival of Islam, and Fergana: A Central Asian Patchwork focuses on the arts and crafts of the fascinating Fergana Valley.

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Far from civilization

Visit the country of “The Rising Sun” and never forget this place in your whole life


First steps

Visit the country of “The Rising Sun” and never forget this place in your whole life


Far from civilization

Visit the country of “The Rising Sun” and never forget this place in your whole life


First steps

Visit the country of “The Rising Sun” and never forget this place in your whole life


Far from civilization

Visit the country of “The Rising Sun” and never forget this place in your whole life


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  • star ratingI visited the Fann Mountains with Paramount Journey in early October for a four-day trek (starting and finishing in Dushanbe). It was my first visit to Tajikistan. Paramount Journey were... read more


    star ratingIskanderkul Weekend - My wife and I and two friends of ours enjoyed an excellent autumn weekend Iskanderkul, one of the top tourist spots in Tajikistan. It was a very smooth and... read more


    star ratingTravel to Tajikistan - We took a 7 day tour to Tajikistan taking in Dushanbe and trekking in the Fann Mountains. The mountain scenery was breathtaking and the tour was very professionally arranged.... read more

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    star ratingCouple Travels through Tajikistan & Uzbekistan - If you would like to travel through Tajikistan & Uzbekistan we can highly recommend Paramount Journey. The proposed itinerary was excellent, we were able to incorporate all our wishes and... read more


    star ratingIncredible 7 Day Tour from Dushanbe through the Fann Mountains to Khujand - We partook in a 7 - day tour of Tajikistan from Dushanbe to Khujand and back, stopping in several villages in the Fann Mountains. From the very beginning, it was... read more

  • star ratingWe made a 3 weeks 2 persons Jeep Tour individually designed for our requiremenst through the Pamirs and the Zerafshan including exploring cities on the old Silk-Road. ... read more


    star ratingFantastic 7 day Jeep tour in the Zerafshan and Yagnob Valleys and Fan mountains. - Date of tour: September 2019.

    Booking process: Booking the tour was very easy. Alovaddin answered all my questions quickly, suggested an itinerary and adjusted it to... read more


    star ratingAn amazing experience - I did the Fann Montaign trekk with a friend and we enjoyed every step of it: be it the breathtaking landscapes of montaigns, glacier, incredible blues lakes and camps (add... read more

    Sabine P
  • star ratingFann Mountains Trek - We had a fantastic, well organised 3 night trek through the Fann Mountains.
    Yun and the team were fantastic! I cannot fault them. They really cared about us, and... read more


    star ratingPamir & beyond - I had a wonderful experience visiting Tajikistan with Paramount Journey. Alovaddin and his staff organized a trip tailor-made to my wishes and needs. Truly a journey to remember. Highly recommended.... read more


    star ratingPristine Trek - Incredible Untouched Beauty - This must be one of the few pristine trek left in the world. It is very rough but the sights were amazing. The water in the lakes are crystal clear,... read more

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