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Paramount Journey (Sayohati Oli, LLC) is a pioneering adventure travel company which operates in the mountainous Central Asian country of Tajikistan, the physical highpoint of the ancient Silk Road. It is the brainchild of a passionate group of adventurers and explorers who want to share the natural wonders of Tajikistan, and its vibrant history and culture, with the outside world. Together we are proud to plan, promote and run exciting, professional adventures which enable participants to explore Tajikistan well beyond the usual tourist trails.  One-off expeditions for thrill seekers are provided alongside shorter, more manageable treks, and individually tailored programmes so that everyone can discover Tajikistan, whatever their age, fitness level, or interests. We are active in developing imaginative new products: Paramount Journey ran a pioneering combined MTB and trekking tour in the Fann Mountains, and the first commercial expedition from the Yagnob Valley to the Upper Zarafshan. And this is only the beginning!

Whether you are an independent traveller wanting to discover the best of Tajikistan in a week, or an established tour operator seeking a professional partner for ongoing collaboration, Paramount Journey can deliver exactly what you need. We take a personal approach to each and every client,  and our well-trained, passionate staff members take time to share their detailed knowledge. We make a point of communicating promptly, and prioritise the highest levels of health and safety, giving you peace of mind. We’re used to handling all sorts of testing requests — from film shoots to craft workshops, honeymoon celebrations to glamping — and always rise to meet the challenge.

Join Paramount Journey for an unforgettable travel experience in Tajikistan.


AvatarALOVADDIN KALONOV Founder & Expedition Leader

Alovaddin is an enthusiastic traveller who explored the breadth of Europe during his Master’s studies, and has also covered every hill, valley, and remote corner of his home country, Tajikistan. He has been a key member of expeditions, treks, and MTB tours in the Pamirs and Zarafshan, and has led many hiking groups in the Fann Mountains, and Yagnob and Shing Valleys.

Alovaddin did his Master’s degree in banking and finance at Stockholm School of Business, but his passionate desire to experience and share the pristine landscape and culture of Tajikistan led him to travel extensively. He is an award-winning photographer whose dramatic landscapes and intimate portraits have been exhibited internationally. Take a closer look at his photographic

Alovaddin feels that the splendour of Tajikistan is reflected perfectly in one of his favourite quote by Goethe’s Faust: Verweile doch, du bist so schön (Stay a while, you are so beautiful).

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Rock climbing and mountain biking guide in TajikistanRAHIM Trekking and Biking Guide
Rahim grabs life by the handlebars, seizing everything that it can offer, and sometime a little more, so long as there is daylight! He is passionate about rock climbing and his mountain bike, but even more than these prized possessions, he loves the mountains. If you’re planning an outdoor adventure in Tajikistan, you will get to know Rahim well. He has led many tourist groups in the Fann and Pamir Mountains and the Yagnob Valley, and he has participated in numerous rock climbing championships both internationally and locally. His mountain skills are second to none. But Rahim is not just an adrenalin seeker. He’s a warm and engaging travel companion, and his knowledge on all manner of topics, from flora and fauna to climbing routes and bike repair, make him an invaluable member of the Paramount Journey team. Trust your next expedition to Rahim.

HUMOYOUN Trekking Guide

Humoyun — or Humo to his friends — is an English teacher in his mountain village. When he’s not inspiring his students in the classroom, he’s imparting knowledge of a different kind… to our guests! Humo’s worked with tour groups as a guide since an early age, and he’s a crucial part of the Paramount Journey team.

Humo is a man of the mountains. He’ll teach you about the mountains and mountaineering by day, and at night around the campfire he’ll regale you with stories about Tajikistan’s fascinating history and culture. Humo’s cooking and singing skills are much praised by our guests, and by the end of the tour you’ll consider him not your guide but your friend.

ZIKRIYO Trekking Guide

No one knows the twists and the turns of the Yagnob Valley like Zikriyo. And in such a remote location, such knowledge is absolutely vital. Zikriyo used to serve in the Tajik military, and he’s one of the toughest characters you’ll ever meet. We’re proud to have him as our trekking guide, and he also gets stuck in with our MTB tours. He’s a real-life Aaction Man!