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Paramount Journey (Sayohati Oli, LLC) is a travel company that operates in Tajikistan which is the brainchild of a passionate group of adventurers and explorers who want to share the wonders of Tajikistan with the outside world. Some of the team members were fortunate enough to be born and bred in the country; others only discovered its marvels in later life. Together we are proud to plan, promote and run exciting and professional adventures that enable participants to explore Tajikistan well beyond the usual tourist trails. One-off expeditions for thrill seekers are provided alongside shorter, more manageable treks and individually tailored programmes so that everyone can discover Tajikistan, whatever their age, fitness level, or interests.


AvatarALOVADDIN KALONOV Founder & Expedition Leader (Tajikistan)

Alovaddin is an enthusiastic traveller, who travelled throughout Europe during his Master’s studies, as well as covering every hill, valley and remote corner of his home country. He has been a key member of expeditions in the Pamirs and Zarafshan, and led many hiking groups in the west of Tajikistan.
Alovaddin did his Master’s degree in banking and finance at Stockholm School of Business, but his enthusiastic desire to share his passion, and to show the pristine landscape and culture of Tajikistan, led him to travel extensively. When he gets an opportunity to leave the city’s confines, he gets his camera and strives to conquer the ranges so as to capture the moment when a glorious greeting of the sun kisses the mountains and beyond. Take a closer look at his portfolio. Alovaddin feels that the splendour of Tajikistan is reflected perfectly in one of his favourite quote by Goethe’s Faust – “Verweile doch, du bist so schön” – “Stay a while, you are so beautiful”.

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Rock climbing and mountain biking guide in TajikistanRAHIM SHARIPOV Trekking and Biking Guide(Tajikistan)

Rahim takes from life everything that it can offer, and sometime a little more, so long as there is daylight! Rahim is passionate about rock climbing and his mountain bike, but even more than these prized possessions, he loves the mountains, where he even spends New Year’s Eve in a tent!
If you’re planning an outdoor adventure in Tajikistan, you will get to know Rahim well. He has led many tourist groups in the Fann and Pamir Mountains and Yagnob valley, and participated in many rock climbing championships internationally and locally. His mountain skills are second to none, he’s an engaging travel companion, and his knowledge on all manner of topics, from flora and fauna to climbing routes and bike repair, make him an invaluable member of the Paramount Journey team. Trust your next expedition to Rahim.