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Paramount Journey is a pioneering adventure travel company that specializes in adventure and cultural experiences in Tajikistan. It is the brainchild of a passionate group of adventurers and explorers who want to share the natural wonders of Tajikistan, as well as its vibrant history and culture, with outsiders. We offer a range of expeditions, treks, and culturally tailored programs that cater to travelers of all ages, fitness levels, and interests. We are constantly developing new products, such as MTB tours in the Fann Mountains, Yagnob, and Upper Rasht Valleys, and we were the first company to offer a luxury glamping experience in Tajikistan, with mobile camps available across the Fann Mountains.

At Paramount Journey, we understand that cultural experiences are just as important as adventure activities. That is why we specialize in organizing exclusive cultural experiences customized to the interests and needs of our travelers. Our team can arrange special events and experiences such as inviting a professional chef to the shore of Iskanderkul, organizing a private folklore show at the tea houses, inviting a professional archaeologist-guide to discover ruins, or arranging a master class by students of musical institutes. We take a personal approach to each and every guest and prioritize the highest levels of health and safety, giving you peace of mind. Our well-trained, passionate staff members are dedicated to sharing their detailed knowledge and are accustomed to handling all sorts of testing requests, from film shoots to craft workshops, honeymoon celebrations to glamping.


At Paramount Journey, we are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional and unforgettable experience, an adventure of a lifetime. We believe that the impact of your journey should go beyond the duration of your trip. The memories you create and the perspectives you gain should stay with you for years to come, and your adventure should also make a positive impact on the communities you encounter along the way.

To fulfill this commitment, we utilize eco-friendly equipment and invest in local communities to promote sustainable tourism and train our staff. Our goal is not just to provide a secure adventure, but also to make it comfortable, ensuring that you have the best possible experience. We take pride in bringing you to awe-inspiring places that have been scarcely seen by foreign travelers for centuries, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to explore and connect with nature and culture.


Our team of dedicated professionals working from the office plays a crucial role in planning and organizing your travel with Paramount Journeys. With years of experience in the industry, they possess a wealth of knowledge that ensures your trip runs smoothly from start to finish. From communicating with you about your travel needs and preferences to arranging transportation and accommodations, our team takes care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy your journey. They work closely with our expert guides on the ground to ensure that your itinerary is customized to meet your interests and expectations, and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout your journey. At Paramount Journeys, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and our team of dedicated professionals is a vital part of that commitment.

Alovaddin Kalonov

ALOVADDIN KALONOV - Founder & Expedition Leader

Alovaddin, is a passionate traveler who has explored over 30 countries and every corner of Tajikistan. He has led hiking groups in the Fann and Pamir Mountains, Yagnob, Rasht, and Shirkent valleys. Despite having a Master’s degree in banking and finance, Alovaddin’s love for experiencing and sharing the pristine landscape and culture of Tajikistan led him to travel extensively. He is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally. Alovaddin is responsible for planning every trip and itinerary and manages communication and tour management to ensure a memorable and authentic travel experience.

UMED ATAEV - Tour Operating Manager

Umed brings a unique set of skills to our team with his background in IT and his passion for travel. His responsibility for the CIS and East European market highlights his expertise in the industry, ensuring that every trip is carefully planned and executed with precision. Umed’s attention to detail, strong organization skills, and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction make him an essential part of our team. With his hard work and dedication, we can deliver unforgettable travel experiences to our clients with confidence.

Paramount Journey Team


Paramount Journey Team


Farhod Fayzulloev is a culture tour guide and guide trainer with a passion for travel and sustainable tourism development in Tajikistan. Despite his humble nature, Farhod’s extensive knowledge and expertise in cultural tours have earned him a reputation as one of the best guides in the country. As a firm believer in the power of education and skills development, he is leading Tajikistan Guides project aimed at training tour guides and promoting collaboration in the industry. His unique approach to personalized travel experiences is sure to leave a lasting impression on travelers exploring Tajikistan’s rich cultural heritage. With his infectious enthusiasm and engaging personality, he creates an immersive and unforgettable travel experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for Tajikistan’s rich cultural landscape. If you’re looking for the ultimate cultural tour guide in Tajikistan, Farhod Fayzulloev is the clear choice.


Humoyun — or Yun to his friends — is an English teacher in his mountain village. When he’s not inspiring his students in the classroom, he’s imparting knowledge of a different kind… to our guests! Yun’s worked with tour groups as a guide since an early age, and he’s a crucial part of the Paramount Journey team.

Yun is a man of the mountains. He’ll teach you about the mountains and mountaineering by day, and at night around the campfire he’ll regale you with stories about Tajikistan’s fascinating history and culture. Yun’s cooking and singing skills are much praised by our guests, and by the end of the tour you’ll consider him not your guide but your friend.

Paramount Journey Team, Trekking guide
Paramount Journey Team Guide Zikriyo

ZIKRIYO ABDURAHMONOV - Trekking and Biking Guide

Meet Zikriyo, our rugged and knowledgeable guide who knows the twists and turns of the Yagnob Valley like the back of his hand. As a former member of the Tajik military, he is tough and reliable, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Zikriyo leads our trekking expeditions and also accompanies us on our mountain biking tours, adding an extra level of adventure to your trip. With his expert guidance, you’ll experience the beauty and culture of Tajikistan in a truly unique and unforgettable way.

What makes us different

All-inclusive Trips

We provide gear, meals, guides, transport, and accommodation for an uninterrupted tour. This takes care of every detail and lets travelers fully enjoy their adventure.

Expert Planning

We design routes and tailor-made itineraries that meet our guests' preferences and expectations. Our expert planning takes into account local conditions and weather for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Small Groups

With a maximum of eight people, we offer creative and meaningful interaction with local communities, leave fewer footprints and take advantage of unique opportunities.

Paramount Journey Guide

Personalized Trips

With a private guide and driver, our guests can explore at their own pace and make changes to their itinerary, immersing themselves in the local culture and connecting with people and places.

Best Guides

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides ensure an unforgettable trip. They are carefully selected, trained, and committed to providing guests with the best possible support and guidance.

Leave No Trace

We follow the "Leave No Trace" concept, protecting nature and educating our clients on responsible travel to minimize the environmental impact.

Remote Destinations

Our tours showcase hidden and breathtaking locations where other operators don't go, providing unique and memorable experiences that connect travelers with local cultures and people.

Give Back

Booking with us means our guests contribute to local communities. We invest in capacity building of guides and support the places we visit, leaving a positive impact on the local economy and people.


Paramount Journeys is committed to giving back to the communities we visit and work with. One of our initiatives, Tajikistan Guides, is a social project that aims to promote tourism development in Tajikistan. It was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact on the tourism industry in Tajikistan. Many local guides and travel professionals have been left without work or income. TajikistanGuides.com aims to support these individuals by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and connect with travelers who are interested in exploring this beautiful country.

Through education and training, we empower young travel enthusiasts to become knowledgeable guides and experts in the tourism industry. Our goal is to provide high-quality service to our guests while also contributing to the educational and socioeconomic development of the community. Our training and education programs aim to create job opportunities, promote sustainable tourism practices, and support local guide communities. We work closely with local partners to ensure that our programs are tailored to the needs of the community and provide the necessary skills for individuals to thrive in the tourism sector.

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