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Paramount Journey brings the most exotic and usually out-of-reach possibilities well within your grasp. Our mission is to make adventure not only secure but comfortable, and to transport you to majestic places scarcely seen by foreign travelers for centuries.

Join us on a breathtaking journey through Tajikistan’s stunning landscapes with Paramount Journey’s unique glamping experience. This video offers a glimpse into a world where rugged nature meets luxury camping. Discover the serenity of Tajikistan’s mountainous terrains, turquoise lakes, and starlit skies. Learn how Paramount Journey’s portable campsites provide a blend of comfort and adventure, allowing you to explore diverse, unspoiled locations without sacrificing luxury. Ideal for those who love nature but crave comfort, this experience promises the best of both worlds.

Tajikistan’s southern border, where it rune seamlessly into Afghanistan, is an endless parade of scenic amazement with storybook villages and towering valley walls, set against the backdrop of the Hindu Kush. As Marco Polo found, the Wakhan Valley was a major transport artery through the mountains to the east, and so in antiquity it was visited by traders and pilgrims, explorers and adventurers. Religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism were transported here by their followers, and they built temples and stupas to praise their respective gods. Accomplished ancient graffiti artists made petroglyphs (rock carvings) on large, flat-sided boulders, and these depict men and animals, religious symbols and the tools of war.

The Fann and Zarafshan ranges in north-west Tajikistan can be called as one of most dramatic mountain ranges in Central Asia. You’ll bike on low-traffic roads through remote valleys, then along mountain trails over high passes which normally only shepherds and their flocks can reach. Mix this with hikes to waterfalls and through gorges, swimming in pristine alpine lakes, and campfires beneath the stars and you start to understand why our MTB and trekking itinerary is the most exciting adventure tour around. Explore the most beautiful mountains in Tajikistan by bike and on foot with Paramount Journey

We want to take you to the right terrain to maximize your learning in workshops or camps and ensure you have a great experience if you are on a MTB tour with us. Paramount Journey’s team developed a new breathtaking mountain biking trail in the most fantastic location in Rasht Valley. It boasts endless trails to explore. You get to experience both mellow epic single tracks with challenging climbs, extended downhills, and a bunch of technical aspects on the green trails with some rocky sections. The adrenaline-pumping jumps and drop-offs from intermediate to expert level trails. Feeling excited? Then explore the most epic MTB trails with our team. Rasht Valley is waiting for you to conquer!

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